Sneaky tips to get your mortgage paid off early and save some £££

Pay your mortgage off 4 years & 8 months early AND save £16,189 in interest!

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Discover just how easy it is to get your mortgage paid off sooner than you thought possible.

Did you know that, for less than the cost of 2 x Costa coffees per day, you could shave 4 yrs and 8 mnths off your mortgage and save £16,189 in mortgage interest?

For most of us, achieving the freedom of being mortgage free is one of our main long-term goals - life is just easier knowing you actually own your own home.  Many of us never really explore how to get that freedom sooner than we had originally planned.

The easiest and most flexible way to get your mortgage repaid early is as simple as this…make overpayments. The vast majority of lenders allow you to pay more than your standard monthly payment (within certain limits) without incurring any penalty.  

Check out this example:

Lets say you have a mortgage of £150,000, that costs you £578.30 per month, on a full repayment, over 25 years.  If you were to overpay by £121.70 per month, therefore making your monthly payments £700 per month, you would be mortgage free in 21 years and 4 months.  

You would also save a HUGE £16,189.00 in mortgage interest.

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