Step 1 - Know your figures

This is the absolute 1st step of buying a house - miss it at your peril!

In this article you'll learn:
1 -

How to create a full assessment of your income & expenses in to a budget planner

2 -

How having a car loan can reduce how much a bank will lend you by £38,237.00. 

3 -

How to establish how much each of the banks are prepared to lend you.

4 -

How one bank can lend you £41,863 more than another.

Getting your figures in check:

If you’re looking to buy a new home but haven’t carried out a full assessment of your income and outgoings then you may just be committing ‘Home Buyers Suicide’. 

The days of the banks and building societies using simple income multiples are loooong gone and what’s in their place are far more sophisticated ‘Affordability Calculators’ that look at a complete picture of your finances to make a decision on how much they are going to lend you.

Find out how much you can borrow:

Getting your budget right and your finances in order, before you buy a house, can have a big effect on how much you will be able to borrow.  Commitments such as; credit card debt, car finance or personal loans will lower the size of the mortgage a banks is prepared to lend you.

Complete the next 2-steps and you'll have a pretty accurate idea of what you can borrow...

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Step 1: Complete a budget planner

Complete this simple form with all your income & outgoings and it will tell you what you have left at the end of each month for your new mortgage payments.

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Step 2: The lenders 'Affordability Calculators'

Most of the banks have an affordability calculator that you can use to get an accurate idea of how much they will lend you. For a list of links click the link below.

One lender can offer you more money than another:

Don’t assume that all the banks and building societies will lend you roughly the same, they won’t.  In fact the differences can be VAST.  To illustrate this we have carried out the following comparisons: 

  • Mr & Mrs George
  • 2 x children
  • £45,000 - Combined Income
  • £50,000 deposit available
  • 25 Year mortgage term
  • £300 per month car loan
  • £186,763.00 - Santander
  • £168,500.00 - Nationwide
  • £161,500.00 - Woolwich
  • £144,900.00 - Halifax

*These figures are for illustrative purposes only and not to be taken as an accurate guide to what each of the lenders can offer.

As you can see, there is a £41,863 difference between what Santander and Halifax can lend Mr & Mrs George, based on their affordability calculations - so it’s well worth doing your research! 

What a difference a car loan can make:

It was mentioned earlier in this article that credit commitments, such as a car loan, can have a big impact on what you will be able to borrow.  To highlight just how big an impact, have a look at the following figures:

Scenario 1 (no car loan):

  • Mr & Mrs George
  • 2 x children
  • £45,000 - Combined Income
  • £50,000 deposit available
  • No credit commitments
  • *£225,000 - Max loan available

Scenario 2 (with car loan):

  • Mr & Mrs George
  • 2 x children
  • £45,000 - Combined Income
  • £50,000 deposit available
  • £300 per month car loan
  • *£186,763 - Max loan available

The above illustrates that a £300 per month car loan reduces the amount that Mr & Mrs George can borrow by £38,237.00.  That’s a 17% drop!!!

Getting your budget wrong (or not doing a budget at all) can mean you’re not able to buy the home you and your partner have fallen in love with.  This can be deflating and wastes a whole lot of time, right at the stage when you should be most excited about your first purchase or moving home. 

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