The First-Time Buyer 'Expert Zone'

Hints, tips & tricks that save you money.

Get answers to the 3 most important questions first-time buyers ask. 

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Can I get a mortgage?

There are a few things you can do right now to see how mortgage worthy you are.

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How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow varies from lender to lender and it pays to shop about.

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How much can I buy for?

You've decided to buy your first home. Now it's time to work out your budget.

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How to get £38,237.00 more than you thought you could!

The lenders are super-tight with how much they are prepared to lend you, based on your income...find out how to get the most bang for your buck.

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Learn the 3 biggest costs that catch most first-time buyers out!

Buying your first place can get a little expensive.  Make sure you're in the know, and don't get caught out with costs you hadn't considered.

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Use these 5 broker 'insider secrets' and get your mortgage approved in 14-days!

Getting your mortgage sorted quickly shows the estate agent you mean business.  Use these professional secrets to help you achieve the impossible.

The Essential 6-Step Guide to Buying Your First Home

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Know your figures

If you don't know you're figures, then you won't know how much you can afford.

Do your sums now & save time later

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Check your credit file

Ensuring you have a clean credit file is a must when you're buying your first home.

Get your file for free now

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Get the right mortgage

Choosing the right mortgage can be a minefield of options.

Find your perfect mortgage

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Find a great solicitor

There's a big difference between a good'un & a bad'un.

How to choose the RIGHT one

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Making an offer

Put yourself in the best buying position & blow the competition out of the water.

How to get your house...FAST!

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From offer to completion

Keep control of your home purchase & make sure you're in the know.  

Get informed - Take control

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Would you like to speak to a expert about your mortgage?

A qualified advisor will review your individual needs and recommend the mortgage that's going to cost you the least over the coming years.